Energy for Awareness and Healing

I started my study of Nervous System Energy Work in 2004 and became a certified Advanced Practitioner in 2010.

Nervous System Energy Work is a hands-on energy method developed by Carol DeSanto and Jim Kepner. It focuses on the human nervous system as a vehicle for increasing subtle energy in the body that fills and clears all body systems.

During the session, a client lies face up on a massage table. Clothes stay on, shoes are off. I use a light touch to clear out stagnant energy and direct new energy to the internal organs and places that balance, regulate, and fill up energy levels. 

In addition to the many physiological benefits of Nervous System Energy Work, it also creates a healthy, embodied sense of well-being and connection to spiritual inspiration. It is a practice that ultimately balances energies of the mind, body, and spirit.

Nervous System Energy Work

  Facilitates healing for preoperative and postoperative care

  Restores energy that is depleted from injury, trauma, or life transitions

  Helps to overcome depression and manage stress and anxiety

  Creates and supports healthier thought patterns

  Balances hormones during PMS, peri-menopause, and menopause


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Why people participate in dream work

Dreampath, LLC Dream Group

“I have found that working with Cassandra and her unique process allows me to dive more deeply into the richness of my own consciousness. I am continually amazed at the information made available to me through doing ‘the work’ in a dream group. It’s become a primary means of guiding me as I venture ever deeper in my own Soul Work.”

- Linda

“Dream groups are not about analyzing or interpreting dreams, they are about gentle, safe, self discovery. The container that Cassandra creates keeps us all safe and free and that is magical.”

- MeMe

“It takes courage to overcome the fear of looking within, the groups help us find that courage.”

- MaryJo

“A dream is part of me. I have created this. Because I did, it must be telling me something. So it’s a way to learn something about myself.”

- Lolly

“In working through someone else’s dream I found value. We see ourselves in projections.”

- Toni

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

- Joseph Campbell

* * * * * * * * *

“Cassandra brings her lively interest and experience in the fields of dream, energy awareness and healing, symbology, and creative energy to fellow seekers who are interested in learning and applying these skills to living lives from the wisdom gamed from self awareness and connection with spirit.”

-Dream Group Participant

The Benefits of
Energy Work

 Embrace life transitions with confidence and joy.

 Explore and identify goals for intentional living.

 Take responsibility for personal healing and wellness.

 Create the meaning you want in your life.

 Increase your connection to the source of spiritual inspiration.

 Learn how to live more fully in a way that promotes emotional, social, spiritual and physical health.

Learn to use the gifts of embodied imagination for healing, creativity, and living a vital life.

“Exploration of dreams reveals the seeds of possibility. We notice that the surface of the water (our waking lives) is pushed up and down by what is going on in the depths (our dreams). Our goal is to embody both voices.”

- Cassandra Matt

understanding how to lead a life with a new reality based on “authentic self”

a new awareness of spiritual nature and connection

finding a connection to your unique self in a an embodied way